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Bar Bachelor Graz | Sommersemester 2023 | Ausverkauft | Warteliste möglich :)
Bar Bachelor Austria
Bar Bachelor Graz | Sommersemester 2023 | Ausverkauft | Warteliste möglich :)

Bar Bachelor Graz | Sommersemester 2023 | Ausverkauft | Warteliste möglich :)

10 Bars | 10 Drinks | 1 Bar Bachelor
Wed 6:00 PM
Seasons (Startbar)
Karmeliterplatz 8, Graz
from €5.49
The sale has ended.

Your advantages at a glance:

➡️ Get to know the coolest bars in your city and lots of new people

➡️ Exclusive drink discounts & specials in all 10 bars

➡️ Access to the final location where the graduation party will be held

➡️ Official certificate for bar bachelor's degree

➡️ High quality Bar Bachelor cup



Before the event, download the Bar Bachelor Event App from the Playstore or Appstore. You will need it the whole evening.


Start the evening with a full battery, you will need the app all evening to scan your exam results.


Check-in only with valid photo ID & 18 years of age or older.


Between 6-8pm you will get an entry band and an original Bar Bachelor cup from us at the start bar (SEASONS). You will need it the whole evening. With the cup you go to the bars, hand it in when ordering drinks and after paying for your drink you will receive a fresh cup with your desired drink. At the end of the night, you get to take home the last cup you received.


We will scan your ticket code at check-in and then unlock your digital study booklet in the app. To positively complete the Bar Bachelor, you will have at least one drink* at each of the 10 participating bars. You can decide for yourself in which order you visit the bars after check-in. You only have to fulfill the last study requirement in the final bar.


Between 22-00.30 the official Bar Bachelor certificates will be handed over in the final bar (Bar 28). Accordingly, you have until 00:30 at the latest to positively complete all 10 study achievements. Take good care of your certificate - you will need it next semester as proof of your qualities if you want to attend the next higher degree.


So in the final bar (Bar 28) all graduates will come together from 10 pm on and you can celebrate your graduation together. The first 7 who pass the Bar Bachelor positively will receive a stylish graduate hat thanks to spark7. Among all who complete the Bar Bachelor positively, a Jägermeister package will be raffled off on site and you can take Polaroid photos for free.


In each bar, Bar Bachelor participants will receive at least one discounted non-alcoholic/alcoholic drink for a maximum of €2.90,-. You can see exactly what the bars offer and what other specials they have for you on the campus map in our app. Important: In order for you to fulfill a study requirement, your drink must be worth at least €2.90,-.


Advance sale online and in all branches of Steiermärkische Sparkasse:

€5.49 for Sparkasse customers*, +€2 without discount.

*Discounted tickets for Sparkassen customers are only valid upon presentation of the respective debit card at check-in.


The Bar Bachelor is ideal for meeting new people. So it doesn't matter if you start alone or with others, because you will quickly find nice fellow students on site anyway, with whom you can complete the course work together. At the beginning, everyone draws a card from the Deep Talk box. Let yourself be surprised and look forward to good conversations.


2 Brothers

Bar 28 (final bar)




Guest Room

Seasons (starting bar)



The Dublin Road


We would like to emphasize here that the Bar Bachelor is all about getting to know the coolest bars in town and meeting lots of new people while enjoying a wonderful evening together. Whether you feel like drinking non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages is, of course, entirely up to you. Please respect the individual preferences of your fellow students. ✌🏽


The Bar Bachelor stands for loving togetherness, mutual courtesy and respect. Therefore, we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We tour the coolest bars in one of the coolest cities in Europe and therefore expect you to be respectful to all the people you will run into on this unforgettable night, as well as to the bars and the city itself. ❤️


Please note that by participating in the Bar Bachelor you automatically accept the terms of use for all video and photo recordings and allow us and our media partners to use these images. You can then find photos and videos from our events on our Instagram account @barbachelor_austria.


More info for your future academic career:

10 Drinks - Bachelor

12 Drinks - Master

14 Drinks - Doctor

15 Drinks - Professor

To obtain an academic title, the previous title must be completed. So by the next Bar Bachelor in 2023, there will already be a Master's degree program in addition to the Bachelor's degree program. But one thing at a time and that's why you first complete the bachelor in October 😉.


We are already extremely looking forward to you and the Bar Bachelor on the 22nd of March in Graz! 🎉


Tickets start at
Bar Bachelor Graz | Sommersemester 2023 | Ausverkauft | Warteliste möglich :)
Seasons (Startbar)
The sale has ended.
Wed 6:00 PM
Seasons (Startbar)
Karmeliterplatz 8, Graz
from €5.49


Bar Bachelor Austria

10 Bars | 10 Drinks | 1 Bachelor 👩‍🎓🍻👨🏽‍🎓

Lerne coole Bars & jede Menge neue Leute kennen 🥳